Coach Will

Will Jackson

Will Jackson, founder of WRKNYC, began his fitness career in 2006 as a Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor. He quickly developed a following with his intense training style by creating a challenging fitness program for all. Will began to build a community for individuals to enjoy being healthy and active together. WRKNYC’s first studio opening was only a reflection of the mission. He encourages members, and people he comes across in his life to be active both outside of the gym and inside the gym. “Being able to exercise is a privilege, and we shouldn’t take it for granted.”

Fun Fact: Coach Will led the Washington Irving HS Basketball team to the city PSAL championship. So it is in Coach Wills’ nature to bring a team/community of individuals together for a greater goal.

Certifications: NASM PT ∙ AFAA Certified Group Fitness ∙ CrossFit Level 1 ∙ Pre and Post Natal ∙ Functional Training Level 1 and 2

IG: @gymefly
Contact : Will@wrknyc.com


Coach Cook

Sarah Diiorio

An athlete mentality for life Sarah, aka Coach Cook, believes there is an athlete inside all of us. It’s not about being the fastest or strongest in the group, but being dedicated & giving your all in every WRKout. From bootcamps to core burns, it is her execution and energy that drive every session— from personal training to SGT classes to K.I.T. WRKouts! This passion for inspiring others’ fitness journeys has propelled her own participation in OCR challenges, countless NYRR races and numerous marathons. In an effort to focus on providing fun and healthy choices for our youngest members Coach Cook got her NASM certification as a Youth Exercise Specialist. With this under her belt, she has taken a crucial role in designing and launching our very own WRKNYC KIDS program in order to “keep ’em moving” in addition to providing teen training and athletic conditioning programs for sports teams!

Fun Fact: Despite her name being Coach Cook, she doesn’t do much cooking. Coach Cook is a plant-based athlete and is quite simple with her meals.

‎Certifications: AFAA Certified Group Fitness, NASM Youth Exercise Specialization (YES), Pre/Post Natal Certification

IG: @bigtoethumbs
Contact: Cook@wrknyc.com


Coach Bakes

Amanda Baker

Movements like high jumps and squats felt like the good ol’ days to Amanda a.k.a Coach Bakes. Having grown up as a dancer for the greater part of her life and after moving to New York City, Bakes craved another way to stay active. Bakes recognized that same feeling of accomplishment from crushing a performance paralleled to that of completing a WRKout! Coach Bakes believes through movement we find courage. It is with that courage that we build power, strength and confidence to succeed at any challenge we are faced with, #itsonlyaWRKout!

Transitioning from the corporate world, Bakes is pursuing her passion to empower others to feel and be their best self through a healthy and active lifestyle.

Fun Fact: As a kid, Coach Bakes wanted to be a Veterinarian when she grew up. Probably explains her care-taking qualities or the love she has for her puppy, Drake.

Certifications: AFAA Certified Group Fitness ∙ NASM CPT

IG: @con_creterose
Contact: Bakes@wrknyc.com